Article 17

Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

Jo Beazley

About my work

The notion of craftivism speaks to me, and I can use the things I love doing—stitching and embroidery—to make a statement and help make people think. [But] I feel slightly ill at the thought of my work being shown alongside professional textile artists from around the world!

Using a piece of household sheeting (a pillowcase; the rest of the sheets are long gone in post-flood clean-up) and redwork, I stitched Article 17 in DMC 221, using mainly backstitch. I was inspired by a series of posters I saw in Melbourne by the Women’s Domestic Needlework Group 1979 looking at representation of Australiana in design. I have cupboards full of house embroidery patterns (I cannot draw for peanuts!), and the image is by Jenny Bishop, with Article 17 superimposed on the archetypical Australian landscape.

- Jo Beazley

Jo Beazley

About me

Jo Beazley was asked to participate in this project by a crafty friend—who subsequently pulled out—and still feels slightly ill at the thought of her work being shown alongside professional textile artists from around the world. Jo is a mum, wife, librarian, coffee addict, lover of all things shiny and tactile including technology, fabric, lipstick and flowers. And books! Don't forget books! She is a proud wearer of a pussy hat her friend knitted for her. Her grandmother went to her grave bemoaning the fact Jo could not knit, even though she can stitch and quilt. Jo wishes the world could really live as one (to quote John Lennon).

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