Article 4

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

Lisa Wilkie

About my work

As a Pākēha New Zealander, my place in this country was gained through invasion and deception. Many New Zealanders know next to nothing about the history of this land and of the broader impact of colonisation in the Pacific.  

One of the stories that has been glossed over is the practice of ‘blackbirding’, a form of indentured servitude/slavery that was practised throughout the Pacific region in the 19th century. By acknowledging the existence of alternate Pacific histories, I hope in some tiny way to provide a departure point for others to seek out and listen to the voices that have been silenced.

- Lisa Wilkie

Lisa Wilkie

About me

Lisa Wilkie is interested in the intersections of art, power, and violence, and how dominant discourses can be subverted and disrupted. In addition to this, she is also interested in finding a good dry riesling, swimming in the sea, and adding to her vintage kimono collection.

She has an eclectic background that includes studies in German language and literature, art history and theory, and fine arts; two years ago she graduated with a Master of Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Otago. Her dissertation explored the use of visual/written/oral texts by three Māori prophets as a means of political dissent, resistance, and subversion of cultural hegemonies. 

When not working as an art consultant/curator, Lisa is surrounded by many, many stitching and sewing projects that are in varying stages of (non)-completion. She has one gorgeous 18-year-old son and one gregarious Bengal cat, and would love to be a full-time thinker and maker of things.

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