Article 6

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.

Niveditha U S

About my work

I grew up in south India. In my country, children take their father’s name as their last name. However, my parents named me Niveditha U S: U representing my father’s name and S, my mother’s. I was often made fun of and asked if I am from the US, but it was all worth it as I believe, from the minute I was born, my parents instilled Equality and Reason in me and that all beings are equal as a matter of fact.

The story I wish to tell through my highly under-skilled embroidery stems from my experiences of discrimination. In my country, apart from the existing social divides, there is a system of caste. The ancient Hindu Varna system that segregated people based on their profession still exists, and equality is a far-off dream. The equal sign is an abstract concept that we all learn in elementary school, but are unable to apply in life.

- Niveditha U S

Niveditha U S

About me

Niveditha U S is a program manager with Teach For India, part of the Teach For All network. India is a very diverse country of many languages and cultures, and Niveditha hails from a mixed-language/cultures background. She is deeply committed to solving the struggle for educational equity so that all children can have an excellent education. She truly believes in the potential of the children to be a better generation and change the world to a more equal and humane one, slowly but steadily. 

She is very new to embroidery and is very much an amateur. In her exploration of art for social justice and development, she has worked with Social Justice Sewing Academy, and hopes to take the learning and practices back to her classroom and her students. 

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