Article 24

Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.

Carol Maurer

About my work

I love working on Aida cloth, so I utilised a piece left over from another project and embroidery floss I already had in my stash. Aida cloth provides a structure and a count, similar to our calendar (year, month, week, days of the week) and time (days, hours, minutes, seconds). My lines of stitching represent work: sometimes boring, sometimes creative, sometimes varied but always within the confines of calendar/time/Aida count—until you reach a sewn button, which represents vacations/holidays, time off, leisure, etc. 

The Paris button was a gift sent to me by my dear friend Kimberly Saward (who stitched Article 23 on the Green Quilt!). It represents friendship as well as a symbol of protest against the US President’s decision to not sign the Paris Agreement. We need fresh air and a clean environment in order to enjoy a safe, healthy life and engage in leisure activities.

- Carol Maurer

Carol Maurer

About me

As an experiential artist, I intertwine stories, connections and history through my work with fibres, paper, labyrinths, psychogeography and ancestral/historical research. I am inspired by the interconnections of people, documents, materials and land. My goal is to express the mind–body connection of my inner and outer landscapes. The inner landscapes are expressed through creative and active meditations including working with fibre (embroidery, knitting, cross-stitch), walking the landscape and labyrinths, and shifting through historical documents and histories. And I express the outer landscapes by exhibiting visual art created with fibres and on paper and experiential activities including pilgrimage, psychogeography, community work, artist residencies in schools and discussions.

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